The founding and history of consumer alert

Keane, founding executive director of the Emerson Leadership Institute at Saint Louis University, will put 30 years of academic leadership and private sector experience to work as the founding academic dean of the new College of Business and Economics at Regis. Keane will join Regis after nearly a decade at Saint Louis University. During his time with the company Keane took on some of the challenges arising from the misuse of their product, including revamping their approach to spring break and partnering with non-profits to develop innovative corporate social responsibility programs.

The founding and history of consumer alert

From Founding Fathers to today: A look at 9 eclipses over the past three centuries by Sinclair Broadcast Group solar eclipse photographed at West Point. The August 21 Great American Eclipse will be the first time in nearly years that a total solar eclipse will be visible from coast to coast across the United States, but not the first time Americans have looked to the skies to change the world around them.

Prior to the eclipse, Washington had sent word to his commanders in the Continental Army, alerting them to coming phenomenon and preempting the fears and apprehensions of the soldiers.

George Rogers Clark, officer in the Virginia militia, reportedly used the eclipse to his advantage, telling his men that it was a good omen. For years after, the eclipse would be remembered as portending victory for the Continental Army in the Battle of Monmouth, which took place two days after the eclipse.

One week before the forecast date, British soldiers occupying Philadelphia left the city on news that the French has just entered the war. This was good timing for David Rittenhouse, an astronomer, mathematician, mechanic and celebrated member of the American Philosophical Society living in Philadelphia.

According to records, Rittenhouse observed the eclipse along with Dr. William Smith, but records of their notes are scant. Fellow member of the Philosophical Society and future President Thomas Jefferson was even closer to the direct pathway of the eclipse which traversed the mid-Atlantic and southern colonies.

In a dispatch to Rittenhouse, Jefferson lamented, "we were much disappointed in Virginia generally on the day of the great eclipse, which proved to be cloudy.

The eclipse, which was visible on account of "tolerably clear" weather, "was observed with great attention, and some surprise to the ignorant," the paper reported. Having missed the great scientific opportunity of the previous eclipse, scientists and statesmen in Massachusetts prepared to seize on the eclipse "to prove the new state of the new nation was capable of mounting a scientific expedition on its own initiative," wrote historian Robert Rothschild.

Harvard Professor Samuel Williams helped convene the team of scientists for the expedition to Penobscot Bay in Maine, a location Williams calculated as most ideal for observing the total solar eclipse.

Five years into the war, James Bowdoin, founder of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, appealed to the Massachusetts legislature to outfit the group with supplies. He wrote emphatically listing the causes for the mission: The petitions were granted and negotiations with the British forces were successful in guaranteeing safe passage for the expedition.

In a later account of the expedition, Wililams wrote, "Though involved in all the calamities and distresses of a severe war, the government discovered all the attention and readiness to promote the cause of science, which could have been expected in the most peaceable and prosperous times; and passed a resolve, directing the Board of War to fit out the Lincoln galley to convey me to Penobscot.

The location was off and he missed totality.

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They would separate for a small distance, some would appear to run together again and then diminish until the whole disappeared. Amongst many of the ancients, they were considered as the harbingers of disastrous events, and as indications of some revolution in the physical system of things.

Lewis will bring us a treasure in this way. Seven images taken by William and Frederick Langenheim have survived, as have a few taken by other photographers.

In an article published on the morning of May 26the New York Herald attempted to prepare readers for viewing the event by, among other things, recalling other eclipses throughout history.

In fact, they considered it a struggle between the powers of good and evil, and they awaited the issue with breathless anxiety, trembling with apprehension as the shadow passed over the disc of the sun, and radiant with joy and triumph as it receded and ultimately disappeared.

Some more zealous or more courageous than the frightened multitude, formed themselves into volunteer auxiliary corps to assist the sorepressed?

The founding and history of consumer alert

God of Day, and armed with gongs and kettle drums endeavored to drive away his terrible enemy. Astronomers saw a great opportunity to learn from the eclipse, and apparently some in Washington did too.

Everything passed off in the most satisfactory manner. This offered Americans a valuable opportunity to study the still-unsolved mysteries of the sun.

It was a chance for the country to prove that it was a player on the international, scientific stage. Astronomer James Craig Watson was seeking evidence of a planet called Vulcan orbiting somewhere between Mercury and the sun.Consumer Alert: Tax Software Providers Not Protecting Emails from Phishing and Spoofing March 14, Half of Top 8 Tax Software Providers Leave Consumers Vulnerable to Email-Borne Attacks That Can Lead to Identity and Bank Account Theft.

The name Stevenson University is chosen for its perceptions of tradition, history, and academic quality-three hallmarks of the Villa Julie spirit.

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The name also maintains a geographical connection to the founding location of Villa Julie in Stevenson, Md. Teen recognized for founding nonprofit Portland, OR. Portland Weather Summary: 53 degrees.

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Founding Director of African American History Museum opens up about the monumental project. (Leon Harris/ABC7). DENVER – Timothy P. Keane, founding executive director of the Emerson Leadership Institute at Saint Louis University, will put 30 years of academic leadership and private sector experience to work as the founding academic dean of the new College of Business and Economics at Regis.

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