Pewasta reh shajar se umeed-e-bahar rakh essay writer

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Pewasta reh shajar se umeed-e-bahar rakh essay writer

This notion of protest usually gets the most effective results when witty and satirical commentary is set to a bouncy tune and then put on video with the help of imagery heavy on parody. Though so-called parody pop never went on to become a huge commercial venture, it did remain to be a favourite tool of the people behind some of the liveliest TV shows of which political and social humour were important ingredients.

Then, of course, there was the outrageous song and video released by British Punk Rock band the Sex Pistols that angrily ridiculed and satirised the jubilee of the British Queen. The song shot to No. The video grab see bellow sees a donkey being chased away by a man and then by all sorts of people until he breaks down and ends up outside a mosque asking God to turn him into a human so he too could understand what makes man so cruel and selfish.

It was the Bhutto regime in the s that opened the floodgates for Pakistanis to go to Arab countries, and by the early s, the trend had hit a peak. With the peak also came the proliferation of fake travel agents who had a field day duping simple working-class people by giving them fake visas for Dubai for a hefty price.

One way he used was to comment on the materialism and with it fake displays of piety that had begun to infiltrate deep inside the Pakistani society during the Zia regime. The tendency also graced the cricket scene, especially in Sharjah where rich Arab sheikhs began pouring in huge amounts of money into India-Pakistan games.

In during an India-Pakistan final in Sharjah when Pakistani batsman, Javed Miandad, hit a pewasta reh shajar se umeed-e-bahar rakh essay writer six to win the game, he was showered by millions of rupees and gifts by the sheikhs and the Pakistani government.

Anwar Maqsood penned a song satirising the event in which he said that though Miandad got millions of dirham, his partner, Tauseef Ahmed, standing on the other end of the pitch, just got 8 dirhams! The s were a time when democratic governments replaced the Zia dictatorship.

The nouveau-riche phenomenon was often populated by shady seths, politicians and businessmen, who had made quick money through drug and banking scams, fraudulent business deals and through their connections in political parties and military ventures.

Awaz successfully parodied all this with a jazzy song and video.

pewasta reh shajar se umeed-e-bahar rakh essay writer

But when the children who had belonged to educated urban middle-classes under the reactionary Zia regime reached their teens in the mids, their ideological orientation began to naturally tilt towards the rightist sides of the conventional ideological divide. This generation became a magnet for a number of modern Islamic evangelical groups and organisations.

The immediate results were: One of the first songs and videos that encapsulated and celeberated such thinking came from famous rock band Junoon. There is, of course, not a word or image questioning what was and still is one of the most powerful, controversial and richest institutions in the country: Politicians bad, people stupid, military good?

He also suspected that most rape victims were lying about their ordeals so they could get western nationalities! And he got a rally of defiant women marathon runners baton-charged and tear-gassed in Lahore. During the early years of his rule many pop musicians happily dished out saccharine-laced and overtly romanticised odes to the armed forces — until Musharraf fired the Chief Justice of Pakistan in on corruption charges.

One aspect of this theory suggests that the urban middle-classes usually ally themselves with authoritarian regimes. But after such an alliance brings relative economic benefits to these classes, they then experience a political awakening of sorts in which they want to prosper politically as well.

Usually a demand for democracy becomes their cry. But democracy was not quite so cohesive a call by those who now wanted more political participation in the running of the country. | DR. IQBAL SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA

The movement was a hotchpotch of democrats, lawyers, non-militant Islamists, leftist fringe groups and emerging non-combatant right-wing outfits. One can say that the overall make-up of the movement was rightist in orientation and not exactly democratic, as such.

Amidst all the turmoil and confusion, emerged a fantastic song and video. In an era of widespread electronic media and YouTube, it became an instant hit. The sharp satirical ditty takes to task the agitating lawyers who are shown involved more in protests and politics than in what they are actually paid to do.

However, taking in its stride the contradictory nature of the movement, the song then goes on to mock the lazy fatalistic nature of the Pakistani masses as well. Maybe Roy was satirising the extremes that the Pakistani society and polity were displaying: Social disgust and political cynicism expressed through wit and satirical imagery remained to be at the centre of the song and the video.

Not bemoaned by Roy, but rather used as a weapon to mock the two above-mentioned extremes. However, though the agitating lawyers, politicians, their supporters and the numb, fatalistic sections of the masses were all taken to the cleaners, nowhere to be found in the song and the video was that fat institution: Yet again it was conveniently left out by a rolling urban middle-class pop protester, given a benevolent benefit of the doubt whereas civilians and their representatives were cynically ridiculed.

Whatever the case, the song turned Roy from being a popular pop tart into becoming a sardonic protest pop icon. Though Roy had added a much-needed dose of satirical cynicism to what was being transformed into some kind of a Utopian uprising by the belligerent private electronic media, he was, however, making observations using Pakistani bourgeois perceptions about politics and society.

Anybody trying to rectify the situation through patriotic action was eliminated. Again, young middle-class political and ideological naivety and Utopian expectations from media-moulded messianic figures coupled with populist hysterics had shone through.Allama Iqbal famous Poetry in Urdu with pictures is the best shayeri of Iqbal.

This is only the best of Allama Iqbal, you must read. Milat kay sath rabta istwar rakh, pewasta reh shajar say umeed e bahar rakh. Masjid to bana di pal bhar main iman ky hararat walon nay, nahe hai na umeed iqbal apni kashti weeran se zara nam ho tu ye matti.

Allama Iqbal famous Poetry in Urdu with pictures is the best shayeri of Iqbal. This is only the best of Allama Iqbal, you must read. Milat kay sath rabta istwar rakh, pewasta reh shajar say umeed e bahar rakh. Masjid to bana di pal bhar main iman ky hararat walon nay, nahe hai na umeed iqbal apni kashti weeran se zara nam ho tu ye matti.

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Millat Ke Sath Rabta Ustawar Rakh Pewasta Reh Shajar Se, Umeed-e-Bahar Rakh! (Keep very strong communication with the nation Remain attached to the tree and have spring’s expectation!) Recommend 0. Photo Essay; Ijaz-ul-Hassan. by. Never for a moment have I thought I could ever not paint, says Ijaz-ul-Hassan THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY Pewasta reh shajar se umeed-e-bahar rakh.

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