Northwestern creative writing

Remember that it is not enough to gather lots of data: How long will each step take?

Northwestern creative writing

Reply CZH October 12, at We were told not to worry… That we should attend the admitted students event for her dept and then swing by financial aid.

I should have known better. Thankfully my daughter was Northwestern creative writing annoyed as I was at how the situation was handled by NU and happily matriculated to Univ of Miami where they made her feel welcome and appreciated Reply Neal October 14, at 4: I take on about 13K a year in loans.

My parents pay out-of-pocket about 30k a year and the rest is taken care of with grants. Not to mention having the most selective companies ex. Those companies are rarely seems on most campuses nationwide. This was the major reason why I chose NU over Northwestern creative writing schools which were essentially free for me to go.

In my opinion, the NU price tag is worth it just for the NU alumni network that can get you top tier jobs right out of school.

Reply Libby December 24, at 4: I hope his daughter does not wish to go to graduate school in the future.

If she does she may not be able to get into the top graduate school programs.

Northwestern creative writing

Many top graduate schools admissions will not even look at an applicant from a lower tiered school. Graduates that leave from top tier schools and then go on to pursue graduate work will be have an easier time getting into other top tiered graduate school programs.

A Northwestern Grad will have the doors open to any top graduate schools in the country. But it is tough when one goes down to a lower tier school, sorry to say, that but that is the reality these days.

MY husband is a professor at a top tier school, and they will not look at applications from lower tier schools no matter how brilliant the candidate is. They want the candidates to have been taught by the top researchers in the field.

Usually the top tiered schools have the money to attract the top researchers in a given field. Reply Tricia January 12, at 6: I actually do not believe it is true. I think that if you work hard and have a good GPA and work experience, you will get accepted.

Maybe you have elite bias since your husband works there, but unless you have experience with student loans, it is nuts. My son, who is paralyzed, went to a state university. April 28, at 9: Reply Kym March 17, at My husband graduated top of his class from a large state school and received two different scholarship offers from MIT for graduate studies.

We are friends with professors from a couple top tier schools and they have told us that demonstrated character work ethic, trustworthiness of students are as imporant as test scores. Reply Mary Too May 23, at 2: We are also having our child attend the school that fits him the best and which fits our budget.

Our daughter wants to spend her junior year in AUstralia, and with the great deals they got from the colleges they will attend, all this is possible. Our friends who are stretching to send their child to a dream school have already told her no on special summer courses, junior year abroad, unpaid internships on the hill, etc.


I would love to know where your children will be attending college! Their children are smart and will do well wherever they go to college and will have money left for graduate studies. Living and working in the Washington, DC suburbs, where people are both affluent and well educated, I see successful people in workplaces of all sorts who have come from a variety of college settings.

A friend of mine who is CEO of her own company and a Virginia Tech graduate recently attended a conference for Washington, DC area high level business people, where the keynote speaker pointed out that the public college whose undergraduate business school graduates are most highly represented in the ranks of DC area CEOs is currently James Madison University JMU — a fantastic business school when considering both price and quality.

JMU is pumping out successful undergraduate business graduates, many of whom are using the money they saved getting a high quality undergraduate education at a stellar price to go on to elite graduate business programs such as Wharton at University of Pennsylvania.

By attending top notch publicly supported undergraduate business programs at state university prices in their own state, many Virginia students who make this choice are then able to afford the private, elite graduate business schools, often without taking out loans.

Ivy May 13, at 8: Both the post and the comments were very informative about how to go through the process. Not to mention that both these kids also go valuable lessons in making budget decisions. David May 12, at 8: We had a student two years ago who had her heart set on a nursing major at UCLA.

The father and mother supported the decision to go there compared to other merit scholarships offered.Schaner Dispute Resolution LLC was founded by Lawrence (Larry) S. Schaner, a former senior litigation partner and co-head of the international arbitration practice of a Global law firm.

Northwestern creative writing

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. Creative Writing and English MFA-MA Degree Requirements. The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School's Policy Guide..

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