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Master thesis helsinki hudson

In the written part of this thesis, Jesse will analyze the design and development of the game from his perspective. Jesse was the writer, designer, artist, and project manager. This is followed by a breakdown of roles and responsibilities of people who contributed to the game.

Finally there is a conclusion section where I share my thoughts and overall analysis of the project, as well as my plans for the future. Specifically, this question is researched in master thesis helsinki hudson context of social media engage- ment: Additionally, two sub-questions are asked: As very little academic research has been done on the subject, this study constructs a conceptual framework based on prior research on brand licensing, human computer interaction HCI and so- cial media marketing.

The study uses quantitative and qualitative con- tent analysis of social media posts. Qualitative analysis is used to create categories of social media posts based on visual brand elements.

Afterwards, quantitative analysis is used to measure the sta- tistical differences in social media engagement levels between the categories. The main results of the study are reported as following: Brand characters and notable narrative locations impact social engagement metrics the most.

These findings suggest that game developers and publishers can expect licensed visual brand ele- ments to offer measurable impact on their marketing activities.

However, brand longevity, the con- tinuous costs of licensing, and the time needed to foster a working relationship with the license- holder should be carefully weighed with the possible license benefits.

The game was produced for the Finnish Museum of Photography as part of an initiative to revive the interest in the darkroom and its associated practices. This thesis analyzes the design process of the game from my perspective as designer and programmer.

The analysis offers a comprehensive look into the game in terms of structure and its corresponding aesthetics. These views serve as a basis to understand several aspects that are intrinsic to game design and development, and how they were perceived and approached for Darkroom Mansion.

The thesis concludes with lessons learned from the overall development process of the game, and offers suggestions to approach the design of similar games more advantageously.

master thesis helsinki hudson

Gurgulitsova Leda From Immaterial to Tangible, the Digital Photograph as a Hybrid Piece of Art This text describes some possibilities of expanding the materiality of a digital photograph, using digital fabrication tools.

The goal of such expansion would be to widen the perception of photographs as art pieces. The post-digital is being reviewed as the current context for any artistic work, which would be interested in integrating the digital domain into the physical.

The main proposition is that embracing the manipulability of digital photography, and adding physicality to it, could enable the development of novel types of hybrid in- terdisciplinary artworks. These pieces could dissolve further the traditional divisions be- tween artistic mediums.

The topic is examined in practice through three personal works of art, created in the period Experimentation with 3d printing, CNC-millng and mixing digital photography with basic electronics lead to the realisation of the pieces.

Additionally, describing and analysing the process of their creation could help outline the role of technology in shaping the final appearance of such a hybrid artwork.

Sim racing on eSports-alalaji, jossa kilpaillaan ajosimulaattoriohjelmilla. My work within this thesis focuses on pedagogy through the lens of social constructivism and design-based research methods. In addition, this thesis thoroughly explains the tools and practices I employed from — as the instructor for these courses.

Throughout three semesters of study, the Digital Media series covers three main topics: Within this thesis, I discuss these concepts and my pedagogical choices in detail and anchor them with the necessary historical and cultural explanations.

Lastly, through the insights I have gained through my involvement with the Digital Media course, I offer suggestions, personal insight, and practical advice that will hopefully contribute to the dialogue surrounding topics of digitality in visual communication design and how to best teach them.

Huiskonen Jukka Full Body Problem! The animations used as a data source for the solution were a combination of motion capture animations created in Aalto MotionLab and premade clips from Unity Technologies.

master thesis helsinki hudson

The written part explores the theoretical background for animating virtual characters and controlling them in real-time applications using various animation control methods.Master’s thesis, theoretical physics Multiscale Entanglement Renormalisation Ansatz Markus Hauru multiscale entanglement renormalisation ansatz MERA tensor network Kumpulan kampuskirjasto Helsinki and for making my life here about more than just physics.

Finally, I thank my parents, my. In my master’s thesis, I examine Helsinki Region Transport’s ticketing and information system. I pay special attention to their new touch screen card readers, framing them in the context of increasing usa- bility and accessibility through the use of sound design.

I look at what design decisions have been made and compare these with a. How to apply to do a masters thesis in the US or Canada when departments don't post specific positions?

(i.e., the program to get a Master's or PhD), it is not necessarily decided yet whether they will do a Master's, In your inquiries explain the requirements for a foreign Master thesis host at your university. Stress out the fact that.

Today's top 52 Master Thesis jobs in Finland. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. New Master Thesis jobs added daily. In this thesis, I investigate the construction of identities among young Muslims in Finland, with an emphasis on the interplay between religious and national identities.

The key research questions are studied in the framework of the social psychology of religion and include: How do young Finnish Muslims negotiate belonging in various religious.

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