Marketing report of the amul company

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Marketing report of the amul company

After analyzing the vision and mission of the company it is pretty sure that the company would strive to expand its distribution network, would involve its manpower in creative marketing, plan for consumer education and product innovation, would leverage effectively on rising levels, grow affluence among Indian consumers and would tap the rising demand for new value added products.

Amul has around 2. Amul has often had a special connection with the film industry. A collation of some of the brilliant Amul adverts over the years is as follows: They do not complain if they have to stand behind an untouchable in the line.

Hence, the cooperative has thus given a deathblow to the caste system in its own way. Customers can order a variety of products through the Internet and be assured of timely delivery with cash payment upon receipt. Another e-initiative underway is to provide farmers access to information relating to markets, technology and best practices in the dairy industry through net enabled kiosks in the villages.

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For the third consecutive year, it has posted a double digit growth turnover reaching Rs. Pandemic economic turmoil has taken its toll, as international prices of all major dairy products have declined drastically in recent months.

Marketing report of the amul company, with its sharp focus on domestic Indian market, Amul has successfully insulated Indian farmers from all the turbulence in global dairy trade. It is already providing the best employment option for displaced workers from urban manufacturing sector, who after losing their jobs due to recession, have started reverse migration from cities back to villages 2.

Marketing report of the amul company

Also, at a time when due to lower production of cereals, fodder prices had jumped almost two-fold, GCMMF enhanced the supplies of cattle-feed to milk producers and maintained its prices below cost and were able to provide better returns to the milk producers to overcome the stress of draught 2.

Bhatol, who was enjoying his second three-year term, was a consensus candidate last year, even as the main political parties failed to choose a new head. Now, barely a year after his taking over for the second term, Mr. Bhatol is under pressure to relinquish the office.

Issue Priority Matrix for Amul 2. Bargaining Power of Suppliers GCMMF is a cooperative, which means it conducts business by collecting from large number of individual farmers who rely upon the cooperative to give them better price for their produce.

Therefore the bargaining power of such suppliers is low. Twenty nine lakhs milk producers gain higher profits only through the co-operative which in turn drives down their bargaining power. Bargaining Power of Buyers There are already other co-operatives existing in India, having their own established brands, which reduce the loyalty of current customers, thereby increasing their bargaining power.

Rivalry Among Competitors The market is highly competitive, existence of several players which have already established channels and partners constantly push the envelope.

The competition exists locally, nationally and internationally.

Mr. A. Venkataramani

Threat From Substitute Although no real substitute exist for milk, however competition offers low priced products as well as variety, from skimmed milk to full cream as well as milk powder.

Barriers To Entry The competition among existing players is very intense and grown over the years from collection of more and more producers. The producers only supply to such established brands due to their reach and ability to maximize profits. Also the industry is capital intensive along with several legal barriers.

Strong supply chain partnerships 2. Efficient control and coordination of the network 3. High returns for the suppliers 4. Use of technology to solve problems 5. Wide product portfolio 9. Investment and resources These factors are very critical and all players like have to control over them.

They change from time to time and affect the finances and the competition. The current industry matrix puts Nestle at the top among others. Although the matrix is not exhaustive and does not include all market leading companies, it still shows where the gaps are and the critical success factors.

Nestle takes the lead because of high quality products and aggressive marketing, also the standards and technology used by Nestle is superior than Amul or Mother Dairy, which are domestic brands.

Products availability is important factor, since even one miss pushes the customer to seek a different competitor. Amul however is not far behind and can catch up in areas of technology and marketing. These key factors of success are critical in the dairy industry in particular, as they are the factors that shape whether a company will be financially and competitively successful.

Marketing report of the amul company

These critical factors may vary from time to time within the industry as driving forces and competitive conditions change. After calculating the weighted score for all three companies, it seems that Nestle has got the highest weighted score compared to the other two companies.Market analysis in the Marketing strategy of Amul The FMCG market is highly competitive in nature and is known to have a combination of organized players as well as unorganized players.

Similarly, in FMCG, direct competition is equally important as indirect competition. The process described above can be used for both business-to-customer as well as business-to-business marketing.

Although most variables used in segmenting the market are based on customer characteristics, business characteristics can be described using the variables which are not depending on the type of buyer/5(13).

The Marketing strategy of Amul covers various aspects of the business right from segmentation and targeting to the overall mission and vision of the company and the various parameters which the company executes to become the top brand that it .

Rashmi Virmani is a renowned fashion choreographer and an event director hailing from Delhi, India. She did her schooling from Carmel Convent School. Agricultural marketing cooperatives are cooperative businesses owned by farmers, to undertake transformation, packaging, distribution, and marketing of farm products (both crop and livestock.).

New Zealand. New Zealand has a strong history of agricultural cooperatives, dating back to the late 19th century. The first was the small Otago Peninsula Co-operative Cheese Factory Co. Ltd, started in.

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