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Walker managed the grocery, wine and spirits segment as a teenager in The Excise Act of relaxed strict laws on distillation of whisky and reduced, by a considerable amount, the extremely heavy taxes on the distillation and sale of whisky. Since blending of grain and malt whiskies was still banned, he was selling both blended malt whiskies and grain whiskies. John Walker died in

Johnnie walker

He soon took over the 9-midnight show which he quickly made his own. Their programme at midnight on 14th Augustas the Act became law, must have had the largest offshore audience ever. After a short series of Saturday afternoon shows he moved to a regular daily slot. Despite the success of this show he was not happy playing the chart hits of the day and decided to try his luck in America.

While in the States he sent over taped shows for Radio Luxembourg. In he transferred to Radio Two and, apart from a hiccup in his career following a tabloid newspaper story, has continued to be one of the network's best and most popular stars.

Johnnie was forced to take time off from his programme following the diagnosis of cancer in the form of a malignant tumour in his colon. Along with his millions of fans, The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame was delighted when he recovered and was able to return to the air.

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Johnnie published his Autobiography the following year. For more photos and recordings of Johnnie, check out Spotlight On Johnnie Walker and this photo album.

There is a video of Johnnie broadcasting on Radio Caroline South here. Thanks to Johnnie for the kind comments: This clip contains extracts from two recordings made available by The Offshore Radio Archive duration 4 minutes 14 seconds Johnnie championed the career of soul singer Otis Redding.

Otis died in a plane crash on 10th Decemberalong with members of The Bar-Kays. Johnnie was on shore-leave at the time but broadcast a special tribute to him as soon as he was back on the ship. Many different voices were heard, briefly, then disappeared.

One of these short-term DJs was Jon Walker. He appeared on Radio Sutch towards the end of its life, and stayed on as Radio City was launched. Jon served alongside Chris Crossone of the station's mainstays during this period and Brian Paullwhose life Jon saved when Brian got into difficulties swimming from the fort.

Many thanks to Jon for getting in touch and Bob for some of the above information. Willy Walker Born in Bermuda on 25th Julybut educated in England, Willy had previously worked as a dental technician and in a bank.

While living in Bermuda he met up with a couple of disc-jockeys who later joined Radio London: Duncan Johnson and Mike Lennox. Coming over to the UK to visit his sister, Willy stayed with his DJ mates and, before long, was persuaded to join them on the ship.

After a week on board learning the ropes, he replaced Graham Gill in the schedule on the 24th May He only stayed until July that first time with the station but the following May he returned to Radio London where he remained until the final close-down.

He left broadcasting in When we last heard from Willy he was based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and was working at sea again, as a yacht captain.

There is a picture of him celebrating a birthday with some of his old ship-mates here. Willy has also very kindly sent us some pictures from his time on Radio London.

Johnnie walker

See the DJs' photo album. Thanks to Stuart Craigen for the theme tune information.

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Willy Walker on the 9-midnight show on Radio London from 11th August Although Duncan Johnson was probably pleased to hear his friend mentioning his birthday, he was undoubtedly less than delighted with Willy saying it was his fortieth. Duncan was 29 that month!

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