Hamlets success

Tourist traffic concentrates on an area defined by the main attractions, each drawing between one and seven million visitors in the course of the year:

Hamlets success

Remember, Virgin Mary of Good Success, Whom God has made so great So that thou canst give succor to miserable sinners; Remember that thou has often promised to show thyself A merciful Mother to those who have recourse to thee.

I come to thee then, Mother most merciful, And I beg thee, for thy love of the Most High, That thou shouldst obtain for me from God the Father A lively Faith that never loses sight of the eternal truths; From the Son, a firm Hope that always aspires to reach that glory That He won for me with His Blood; And from the Holy Ghost, A charity so inflamed that I will always live Loving the Supreme Goodness and thee, Most Holy Virgin, until, through thy intervention, I should love and enjoy thee eternally in glory.

Glory be to the Father We lack the words to give thee thanks for the innumerable blessings that we have received from thy hand. The day of thy birth can be called the day of thanksgiving, happiness, and consolation. Thou art the honor of mankind, the joy of Paradise, the beloved gift of God, and the well being of our country.

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May God be forever blessed Who has desired it so! Blessed also art thou, Virgin Mary, because, despite our ingratitude, thou showest us thy propitious favor. Thus art thou, most clement Mother, our consolation on earth, our refuge, our help and our protection in both our public and private needs.

Safeguard us from war, pestilence, hunger, storms, earthquakes and all the calamities, which we merit by our guilt. Pray for the Holy Church and for her visible head. Hear the supplications of those who invoke thee. Be thou our Advocate, our Mother, for as thus do we place our confidence in thee.

Hamlets success

To thee do we have recourse, and through thy intercession we hope to achieve from thy Son pardon for our sins and perseverance in grace until death. Here, each one raising up his heart to God, should ask, through the intercession of Blessed Mary of Good Success, that grace or favor which he desires to receive.

Come to our assistance and show us mercy, because thou art our Mother. Above all others, thou were attentive to the Word of the Father, who does great things in thy honor.

Thou art the most worthy temple of the Most Holy Trinity. In thee is that same purity the Angels enjoy. The Christian world proclaims that thou doth reign on the right side of the King of Kings.

O Mother of Grace! Port for the shipwrecked and star of the sea. Gate of Heaven, health of the sick, light in the darkness.

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Through thee, we will find ourselves before God in the court of the Saints, where He lives and reigns.

Guide our steps and help us, O sweet Mary, in our last hours. Receive this praise from our tender lips, which cannot express thy singular grandeur. Holy Mary save the miserable, help the weak, intercede for the afflicted, plead for the people, intercede for the clergy, petition for the faithful.

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Permit all those who celebrate thy holy memory to experience thy favor and assistance. Pray for us, O Virgin of Good Success!

So that we may be made worthy to receive the promises of Christ.

Hamlets success

Through her merits and those of her sovereign Child Jesus, we hope to be freed from the present evils and to attain eternal happiness.

Consider how great and incomparable are t he wonders of God Omnipotent, manifesting the treasures of His Mercy in favor of those He redeemed. Therefore, if we admire the excesses of His Goodness in the many benefits with which he has enriched us, how much more should we marvel at and be filled with gratitude for the greatest blessing of His Right Hand, that most excellent and privileged creature, Mary most holy, whom He gave us for our consolation, especially for those who serve and love Him with all their hearts, and inspired the diverse titles and invocations that honor her.

Through these devotions, we receive great favors by means of her succor and protection. This has been the experience of true devotees of the Mother of God, and especially of those who have recourse to her by means of the marvelous Statue of Good Success, which is placed in the Church of the Royal Hospital in the City of Madrid, miraculous from the beginning in the special and unexpected way that this Treasure was found in the wilderness.A clinic has opened for women from Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest and Redbrige who have experienced female genital mutilation (FGM).

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Welcome to our section about Tower Hamlets Campuses. We have one at Poplar, close to the business district of Canary Wharf, the other . Stepney Green Maths, Computing and Science College | Ben Jonson Road | Stepney | London E1 4SD.

The vision of Manorfield Primary School is to be a high achieving school at the heart of the community where children learn effectively and everyone is valued as an individual. OWL is the first and only communications system to be an approved member of Secured by Design, an initiative from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), and now MOPAC, to reduce crime.

Have your say on Brexit. Help shape the work of the Tower Hamlets Brexit Commission. Find out more.

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