Grant writing webinar

Services Start A Nonprofit Becoming a c 3 tax-exempt corporation has many benefits, including the ability to qualify for many private and public grants.

Grant writing webinar

Webinars Webinars We organize a number of webinar sessions throughout the year to educate you on how to use our resource tools and also about the programs we offer. Below is a list of our current offerings. Upcoming Webinars We are working on our next webinar. Please check back here soon for details.

Past Webinars View the Recorded Webinar here: Webinar Recording Did you know you could save more than gallons of water simply by swapping out a serving a beef with a serving of chickpeas?

Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Grant Program

With over 30 million students eating lunch at school every day there is a huge opportunity for school food service programs to have a positive impact on both student health and the environment. By serving more plant forward meals!

This webinar presents an overview of the Get Schools Cooking application process and program components. A recording of this session is available for viewing here. Changing Grant writing webinar Way Kids View School Lunch Increasing high school student lunch participation is a challenging issue for school food programs.


Food trucks have been readily adopted by communities around the country and are increasingly being used by school food service programs to increase participation, engage communities, and create financial sustainability.

We also shared best practices for lunchroom-based nutrition education. For many families, getting children to school before the scheduled start time is difficult because of work schedules and eating breakfast at school can be stigmatizing for students. From operations to procurement, staff training to marketing, Chef Ann will share tips, tools, and resources that have made salad bars a great success in her district.

School Food Support Initiative The number one request we hear from food service teams that want to innovate and improve their school meal programs is: Join CAF CEO Mara Fleishman, who began her journey into school food reform as a concerned parent, as she shares her own experience as well as the resources we have available to help you effect change on the local level.

A recording of this webinar is now available for viewing here. Vrain Valley School District to learn about the impact the Project Produce granting program had in their schools and how you can apply!

Grant writing webinar

Amy will join us and discuss recipe writing in the scratch-cooking environment; creating menu cycles that feature your favorite farm to school ingredients; navigating The Lunch Box recipe database and more.

With over two decades of school district administration experience, Nancy will guide you through the critical areas for fiscally managing your program while taking on new challenges of scratch cooking, facility acquisition and improvement, assessing revenue opportunities and more.

The Lunch Box fiscal tools were developed to provide you with information to make good management decisions while not adding significant time to your work load, join us!Our team knows that nonprofits often have tight operating budgets, which is why as a means to help achieve the mission of our firm and improve the capacity of grant seeking organizations, our President, Diane H.

Leonard, GPC works to offer free grant writing webinars via CharityHowTo, Foundant Technologies (GrantHub) and other business partnerships with local United Ways and community .

Grant writing webinar

Veteran grant writers from Campaign for Southern Equality (CSE), Southerners on New Ground (SONG), El Centro Hispano, and Groundswell Fund, will share their experiences with grant writing, discuss their most helpful tips and strategies, and provide coaching to webinar participants.

In June, NOSORH launched a new Grant Writing Institute designed specifically for Emergency Medical Services personnel. The inaugural course was a great success (see samples of participant feedback below) with 85 participants from 21 states participating in the 3-part series.

Unlike many grant writing seminars that charge fees for participation, this 1 hour webinar is free and open to the public.

Participants in the webinar will learn how to formulate an outreach project idea, write specific aims, describe the project’s significance, and develop a program plan.

This free 1-hour grant writing class will teach you the basics of grant writing and some advanced strategies that will help you level up your grant writing skills to win bigger grants than ever.. Learn how our grant writing consultancy uses these exact strategies to win our clients everything from small foundation grants to million-dollar federal grants.

The National Rural Transit Assistance Program keeps a library of helpful, informative webinars that they sponsor to help any Community or Public Transportation Organization.

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