English prefixes and sufixes

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English prefixes and sufixes

In fact, the suffix -ia is frequently used in Latin to name places, thus giving birth to names like Romania, Bulgaria and Australia, and -ea and -a are two other grammatical suffixes used on Latin nouns. The final -n is an adjectival suffix that turns a noun into an adjective. They are the standard suffixes now in English.

The distribution of them follows a rule that is rather neat and tidy. Basically it goes as follows: If the place name ends in -ea or a silent -e, then use -ean; If the place name ends in a vowel, then use -an; Otherwise, use -ian. As you have probably noticed, there are some exceptions or complications, but let us not be concerned about that here.

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After all, the general picture is clear and unambiguous. You could well say that there does not seem to be a pattern geographically. But my attention turns to Italian when I give this suffix some more thought. In Italian, -ese is a much more common suffix of nationality than in English.

Recalling that Marco Polo and other Italian traders were the first Europeans to reach the Far East, it is therefore no surprise that many Asian countries use -ese. In addition, the countries using -ese in South America are all very close to where Christopher Columbus, himself an Italian, first landed on the continent.

But of course, why some countries in Africa and the Americas use the Italian suffix, while others use French or Spanish suffixes is a result of their long and complicated colonial histories.

Therefore, Icelander is normally used to denote a person from Iceland i. However, in other Germanic languages, such as German, its usage is far more common.

English prefixes and sufixes

This is even clearer if you consider two more facts: The word German does not end in -ish, because the united nation of Germany did not exist until relatively recently.

The word German comes from a Latin word referring to the people in that region. Summary After seeing the distribution of the suffixes of nationality on a world map, and studying the origins of these suffixes, I think we should be reasonably convinced that the choice of suffix is not entirely a matter of chance or taste.

Instead, there are historical and linguistic factors which determine why one suffix is used for a certain nationality but another suffix for a second one.

But before English had gone global and applied its suffix to other nationalities, it was influenced by Latin and French. Then, Islamic countries near the Middle East retained their Arabic -i when their names entered English. On second thought, the whole picture is just that simple.List of English Suffixes.

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Fill in the Prefixes and Suffixes #1: Prefixes More Fill in the Prefixes and Suffixes Worksheets: Bank of Prefixes. dis-il-im-pre-re-un-Bank of Suffixes-able-al-ful-ion-ly -y: Use the bank of prefixes and suffixes to complete each word.

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