Earthspite develop media plan task3

One of the most important factors when joining the market is the target audiences. With the current state of the economy, having a well-defined target market is more important than ever. No one can afford to target everyone. Small businesses can effectively compete with large companies by targeting a reliable audience.

Earthspite develop media plan task3

Time-bound Though you may have only one or two concrete goals, you need to be precise about how you will achieve them through the use of media. A good strategy for making media may be multi-pronged and multi-faceted. For example, your strategy can include one objective to raise awareness among men about why domestic violence is wrong and another that targets the broader international community, asking them to get involved by telling governments and police to enforce the laws which prohibit domestic violence.

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You also need to be clear about how the media you make will help to achieve these objectives. While you may be ready to write down your objectives in this early stage of making your media strategy, you will probably want to return to this section later once you have worked through the rest of the process.

An example of a clear objective is: The next step will be to do some research, keeping your goals and objectives in mind at all times. This research may involve the following: Background research — Dig out old reports and data created by your group or affiliated partners. Write a brief history, map out what information exists and look for new information where this is required.

Earthspite develop media plan task3

Previous efforts and campaigns — What have other organisations or individuals done to support this cause: Why or why not? Doing this will help you identify what to avoid and what to pursue.

Context mapping — Know what is happening right now in relation to your cause. What are the key events that have recently taken place and what are the events that will take place in the near future that may have impact?

Earthspite develop media plan task3

Identify the key spokespeople for this issue and what key terms are being used by different groups. What messages relating to this issue are reaching different stakeholder groups, which messages are failing to reach them, and why?

Identify your target audience and participant communities There are generally several communities involved with an issue, and all of them can be considered stakeholders.

It is important to list all of your stakeholders, as you need to know everyone who has the power to influence your cause and help make a change. Knowing all the stakeholders will help you define your target audience and participant communities.

Types of stakeholders Allies — people and organizations who already support what you do. Adversaries — people who oppose the change you want to see.

Neutral — people whose position or attitude is unclear or who have not become actively involved in this issue. You should map your stakeholders using these three categories and have discussions about why you see them in this way.

It is only after you understand where different audiences stand that you can prioritize them according to their influence and importance in terms of your objectives.

Some of them will be active participants and some passive.Creative and media implications For advertising the new Earthsprite skin care range, a combination of words, images, music and sound, action, colour should be applied.

In planning a timeline for your media production and distribution, consider how long your media strategy will continue. For example, if you are engaging in a three-year campaign, your plan for making media may not begin aggressively, but if your overall campaign will be short, getting people’s attention from the start will be critical.

Earthspite Develop Media Plan Task3 Essay  ’Earthspite Aomruthai JAINGAM BSBADVB Develop a media plan TABLE OF CONTENTS -EXECUTIVE SUMMARY- 1 Business Description 1 Vision for the future 1 Business Goals/ Mission 2 Main Objectives 2 -SITUATION ANALYSIS- 4 Marketing Analysis 4 Customer Analysis 5 Product.

Course: BSBADV Develop a media plan Diploma of Business Assessment 4 1.

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List the advantage of Radio advertising? Radio advertising is a low-cost medium compared with rates for reaching similar audiences by press or television advertising%(2). Coursework Academic Service Cda competency goal 2 functional area 6 communication; Market structure of the german and british tour .

Create perception from customers to be as an excellent value for money and more reasonably priced than their competitors’ products. Business Goals/ Mission Eywa is committed to becoming the leader in the Australian market for premium natural skin care product and maintaining a company culture which fosters and encourages continuous improvement.

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