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Tablet from the Library of Ashurbanipal containing part of the Epic of Gilgamesh The first libraries consisted of archives of the earliest form of writing —the clay tablets in cuneiform script discovered in temple rooms in Sumer[3] [4] some dating back to BC. There is also evidence of libraries at Nippur about BC and those at Nineveh about BC showing a library classification system.

Describe college library

Calendar of Events Obviously this is a very timely exhibit. Why is this exhibition so important? The United Nations Population Fund estimates that million people, 3. Worldwide, an estimated Whether migrants in search of better economic and social opportunities, climate refugees, or refugees fleeing violence or other inhumane conditions, millions of people are currently on the move, seeking refuge and setting up lives in entirely new and foreign locations.

Migration is such an enormous part of human history; how did the idea for this exhibit develop and evolve? Co-curator, Catherine, and I began talking about this project in late My work as an artist regards the relationship between site, story, and mobility; many of my projects use walking as a tool to navigate the relationship between site and individual story.

My paternal grandparents crossed our northern border on foot in the s looking for work and a transformed livelihood.

They lived through some difficult and precarious years as they created their lives and eventually became Americans. So many of us are here because our ancestors migrated, whether brought by force, or coming on their own for reasons of economic need or political freedom.

Describe college library

Catherine has spent the past decade interrogating borders, asking whose interests they serve and who they empower. When we first talked about the project, many suggested we should bring this show to fruition immediately in order to address current issues surrounding immigration in this country.

Since that time the global conversation surrounding migration has only intensified. We both felt strongly that the exhibition should address the long view, to regard global migration as well as local immigration, and that we should take time with the development of the project.

We are addressing a transformation that is ongoing, as well as the human stories that are told from within that transformation. We seek to avoid the reactive response that signifies much of our contemporary news landscape.

Rapid response action is critical, but the artists making these works have taken the time needed to draw out a story carefully. We wanted to honor that model of storytelling. How does this exhibition go beyond a typical gallery experience?

What kind of impact do you think this exhibit will have in the local community and beyond? Throughout our exhibition planning, we reached out to local individuals, institutions, and organizations to participate.

There are over 70 other institutions planning parallel programming during the timeframe of the exhibit.Since its start in , Northwestern College has adopted a student-first approach. Unlike traditional chain schools and community colleges throughout the nation, Northwestern College’s higher education programs are career-oriented, better preparing students for their post-graduate careers.

Library technicians and assistants help librarians with all aspects of running a library. They assist patrons, organize library materials and information, and perform clerical and administrative tasks. Library technicians typically need a postsecondary certificate.

Describe college library

A high school degree combined with Work experience in related occupation: None. The C-SPAN Congressional Chronicle is a comprehensive resource of the United States Congress.

Have a general question about the library's resources or services? We're here to help! Highline College Library LibGuides Plan Your Search Describe your topic Search this Guide Students often describe research topics in just a few words: Gay marriage; Plastics in the environment;.


The round reading room of Maughan Library, the main university library of King's College London. Academic libraries are generally located on college and university campuses and primarily serve the students and faculty of that and other academic institutions. Some academic libraries, especially those at public institutions, are.

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Johnson, Lyndon B.: accession to the presidency Lyndon B. Johnson at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, after his swearing-in as president of the United States, November 22, Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum.

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