Canadas defining moments

Historica Canada does not take responsibility for the accuracy or availability of any links herein, and the views reflected in these learning tools may not necessary reflect those of Historica Canada. We welcome feedback regarding the content that may be linked to or included in these learning tools; email us at education HistoricaCanada. Overview An exploration of the events that have shaped Canada and Canadians. Aims In this three-part lesson, students will understand the concept of "defining moments" by identifying these moments in their own lives.

Canadas defining moments

Email Canada is the greatest country in the world. We have beautiful mountains, rolling plains, clean rivers and pristine lakes. Our people are some of the kindest, most generous on the globe.

Canadas defining moments

Looking back on our intricate history, here are 10 moments that Canadas defining moments define the country and the people we are today, put together with the help of professor Opp and Sun staff.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge April 9, Canada was getting dragged into the First World War whether they liked it or not, clinging to the coattails of the British empire.

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But at Vimy Ridge, Canadians got a real chance to show their mettle. With a brutal snowstorm raging overhead,Canadian troops rushed and overcame the German forces, capturing the ridge and allowing French forces to catch the nearby town of Aisne under defended.

It was a pivotal moment for Canadian nationalism. The debate over offering medicare to every Canadian citizen was a fiery one in Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas believed every province owed their residents a basic level of care, and fought tooth and nail to make that happen.

But doctors were up in arms over the thought of being under government control, and went on strike for 23 days as the province was thrown into disarray.

Downloading prezi... The Person's Case As a nation on the rise, Canada has over the years experienced many defining moments in its history, some more important than others.
Popular Topics They wanted to replace the old League of Nations Founded after World War 1 with a better organization that would succeed where the League of Nations failed. The United Nations aimed to promote world peace and security, economic and social development, and human rights.

But at long last, the protest caved, and as Douglas went on to lead the newly formed NDP, within 10 years every other province adopted the same model. Discovery of Insulin, Before insulin, getting diabetes could often mean a death sentence. But inDr. Their blood sugar dropped, and a treatment was born.

After years of testing, they perfected a formula, winning a Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. If Canada has one gleaming hero, it must be Terry Fox. No other Canadian — man or woman — so captivated a nation.

After all, there were wars to fight, lands to explore.

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Canada showed its allies they were a force to be reckoned with, gaining respect across the globe. Hockey at the Olympic Games in Utah was a tale of two bitter rivalries. The Americans and Canucks were in a brutal battle to capture the top of the podium. After rolling through much of the round robin, Canada was pitched against their arch rivals from the USA in the gold medal game.

Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Paul Henderson, Summit Series: It was a battle of wills, a contest for supremacy, pitching Western mores and values against those of Communist Russia.

Canadas defining moments

Canadian cities virtually shut down to catch the games, and 50 million viewers tuned in back in Russia. Paul Henderson became a national icon when he scored the winning goals in the sixth and seventh games, finally scoring the last goal with 34 seconds left in the final game of the intense series.8 Defining Moments Of Canada's history Table Of Contents 1.

Golden Age of Laurier () 2. Battle of Vimy Ridge (WWI) 3. Discovery Of Insulin (). Canada has been a nation for years this July first and there have been many important points in her history. Three of these stick out as defining moments in Canadian history, the patriation of the Canadian constitution, the creation of the CBC and Canada's involvement in the 'D' day invasion of France.

Canada: The Defining Moments of a Nation A defining moment is the point at which, a situation is clearly seen to undergo a change. Canada, as a growing nation, has encountered many defining moments throughout it's history.

Some defining moments would include the battle of Vimy Ridge, the on to Ottawa track, and the persons case. Without the nineties Canada wouldn't really be what it is today.

One of the biggest events that occurred in that decade was the Battle of Vimy Ridge. In this three-part lesson, students will understand the concept of "defining moments" by identifying these moments in their own lives.

Then, they will use this understanding to identify key moments in the history and development of Canada. 20 Defining Moments in the 20th Century Canada by Chantelle Collins Timeline created by ccollins. In History.

Jan 1, Canada at the Turn of the Century This involves immigration in the Golden Age of Laurier. When the Canadian Foreign Policy was made, settlement of the west, industrialization and urbanization.

The turn of the century is.

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