Apes ecological footprint lab

You will use the ecological footprint calculator to evaluate your environmental footprint. Then, complete the second part at Household Emissions Calculator accessible through the Labs section of Contemporary Environmental Issues. That is, you will estimate savings of both carbon emissions and money that can be achieved via the solutions.

Apes ecological footprint lab

And we are so selfish, for example, people who make items purposely make them so they do not last long, and so when yours breaks, you go and buy another one, and throw the old one out. I also learned about how much energy goes into the little things we use that we are so greedy with.

What you pay for, is not the price you really are paying. It cost way more to buy all of the resources used to make your item. And then the shipping, all that gas and oil they are wasting just to give you your item.

I now think that we should all stop being so wasteful with the everyday items we use. For example, stop buying water bottles, and get one metal bottle to refill everyday.

Every day Why do you think this affects your footprint? I think it affects my footprint because I am making it bigger by eating animal based products, therefore contributing to animals getting killed and trucks delivering the product, therefore polluting the air.

About half of it Why do you think this affects your footprint? I think it affects my footprint because of the energy it takes to process, package and deliver it to the stores I buy it from wastes a lot of energy.

Somewhat less than the typical American What affects does this have on your footprint? Duplex or building with housing units. Why would this make a difference in your impact? Because since I share a building with other houses, we probably share some energy.

Yes What are the environmental impacts of electricity? We use fuel to produce energy and pollution comes out in return. Brick or stucco Which building material is the most energy efficient? Wood because it takes the least amount of energy to put together.

Around a week Do you carpool or do anything to reduce your impact? Yes 10 Do you ride a motorcycle? Every time I am in a car. Not at all 14 How many hours do you fly each year?

Apes ecological footprint lab

List the changes you have made to your lifestyle below and the impact it had on your ecological footprint. Show your new results.All-meat diets are growing in popularity. There are the cryptocurrency carnivores.

There’s the daughter of the ascendant Jordan B. Peterson, Mikhaila Peterson, who’s using a carnivorous diet to stave off a severe autoimmune disease that almost killed her as a child.

Apes ecological footprint lab

The most prominent carnivore. AP Environmental Science (lab) Credits Student will demonstrate an understanding of the current definition of sustainability by analyzing an ecological footprint, discussing the relationship of biodiversity to sustainability, evaluating global energy options, discussing the Green Revolution, discussing the relationship of population.

8/ ecological footprint activity, hwk: read easters end and answer questions 8/ watch lorax, go over feedback loops, review feedback loops ppt below 8/ Environmental lab skills day 1, collect data and pre lab questions.

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Advanced Placement Environmental Science (APES) Course Syllabus Lemon Bay High School Ecological Footprint Activity Environmental History of the US Timeline Project Stream Ecology/Health Lab Exam Review, APES Exam, & Projects APES Exam is .

22 rows · Average U.S. emissions of CO2 per person is tons. How does yours compare? Why do you think yours is bigger or smaller than others? What are the biggest things you could do to reduce your carbon impact?

AP Environmental Science Lab Materials July 1 of 5 Introduction Lab Options Investigate Your Ecological Footprint Semester 1 • No materials required Investigate Cycling of O 2 and CO 2 Semester 1 • 6 clean, small-mouth bottles (plastic or glass).

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